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Wordless Wednesday–Just Breathe


In all of the chaos in the world–hurricanes,  earthquakes,  mass casualty shootings–sometimes the garden can provide you with needed respite.  There’s only so much one can be asked to bear.


Wordless Wednesday–Beach Vacation


Just so you didn’t think I spent my entire vacation at the library! These photos are from a nature walk we took. This was in front of a store just before the trail head.


This is the lighthouse, Barnegat Lighthouse, or Ol’ Barney, in the state park. It is decommissioned.


And here is just one view from the walk. It was a glorious–and very warm day, in the 90s.  But it was still a lovely walk!

Wordless Wednesday–The Promise of Summer


I bought this plant in flower in February 2016. It was spectacular.

But as with any tropical plant– and my less than tropical-like home–I always wonder if I will be able to recreate the conditions it needs to re-bloom.

Happily in the case of this medinilla magnifica, I did manage to do something right. By summer,  this is what the flower should look like. 20160827_081202

Let’s hope this works!

Wordless Wednesday–A Closer Focus


Now that we have had snow, outdoor gardening is pretty much done for me.  So I will need to content myself with house  plants  (and it’s going to be a love/hate relationship, as it always is) for the next 7 months or so until I can get back out into the garden.


I planted this container for a lecture I had last March .  As a general rule ,  I don’t plant mixed house plant containers. They are problematic .  But this one has worked out  very well .  It went outside for the summer and survived the transition back indoors .


And I just love the pilea. It winds its way through the other plants and emerges at the top with these sweet leaf clusters.

I have been very happy with the way the colors of the leaves echo each other as well. This has been a very pleasant combination. I am surprised that it worked out so well .

Wordless Wednesday–Fern Grotto Update


Remember this photo from back in late May? A lot has changed.


Actually it looks much better in this photo than I expected.  Perhaps it’s just my perception that a lot has changed.  Interesting.

For plants that have gone all summer with very little supplemental water,  things aren’t nearly as bad as I feared. Whew!