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Wordless Wednesday–“Candy” for the Birds


This is what I call “winter interest.” Because these are crab apples, and therefore sour, they remain on the tree until spring, when the birds come to get them after they (they fruit, not the birds) have mellowed a bit and the birds are hungry after migration.

It’s a win-win for everyone!


Wordless Wednesday–the ” Lollipop” Trees


These two maples are in front of our house. They are covered in English ivy, something that can be terribly invasive in many parts of the country but is kept in check in our part of the country primarily by the cold ( at least for now. In the future,  who knows?)

This time of year when the maples have no leaves, I always think that the ivy makes their trunks look sort of like lollipops.  But at least it’s some green in an otherwise bleak time while we wait for other things to start blooming!