Wordless Wednesday

Mugo pine again

Well, after this last storm, there is no getting snow out of the mugo pine now. Thankfully we did not get the 2-3 feet they predicted. We only got about a foot of fluffy snow. Much easier to clear.

wood pile

It will, however, be awhile before we get to this wood. Thankfully we have some stored by the fireplace.

hornet's nest

And two snowy objects are visible in the Japanese maple.  Again, isn’t this a pretty snow-covered tree? You see why we go nuts for them up here?

But at the very top right handed corner is a robin’s nest. Two different robin families built nests in this tree over the summer. It’s only now, once the leaves are gone, that I can tell this. I’m sure the robins are grateful.

But about mid-frame, see what looks to be perhaps a leafy dead hydrangea bloom?  That’s actually part of a hornet’s nest, fallen from somewhere. Winter reveals everything.


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