Wordless Wednesday–Orchids for the Holidays

Christmas Orchid

You know I like orchids for holiday decorating. It seems the orchid sellers have finally gotten on the commercial bandwagon.

Now this really wasn’t what I had in mind for orchid decorating for the holidays. But if you recall my post at Thanksgiving when I had that gorgeous peachy colored phalaenopsis shown with the crotons and the kalanchoe, I said that I had been seeking a white orchid. Well, here it is.

Since I’m lecturing in 5 days I figured I’d better not disturb this one too much. I can take the “peppermint stripe” candy cane thing out later.

But wouldn’t this have been so much nicer with something a little less “candy cane?”

Oh well–if we all liked the same thing…..


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–Orchids for the Holidays

  1. We all have our favorite decorations that others might question, don’t we? That’s probably true in the garden too, whether it comes to garden ornaments or even our choice of plants!

    I only got this for “demonstration purposes” as I think I said. My lecture is on Monday and then the candy cane goes. I’m sure I can repurpose it somewhere and it will be fine. But it’s really too much with this orchid!

    Thanks for reading and enjoy the holidays!

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