Foliage Follow-up



Petasites japonica–you can see why folks might call it “Pestasites”

Petasites leaf close-up

A collection of my houseplants and annuals that I’ve over-wintered, now back on my sun porch getting “hardened off” and ready to go back outside and into planters and containers


8 thoughts on “Foliage Follow-up

  1. Very pretty! I just bought a variegated Petasites, hoping the variegated one would be a bit less invasive. Oh well, it’s planted in a pot right now.

    • This has been growing for quite some time for me–I’m going to say at least 7-8 years–so it’s very well established. What I also will tell you, though, is that this is one of the driest spots in my yard. I’d shudder to think what might happen if I had it in a moister spot that it might really like! It tends to die out a bit in mid sumemr when we get really dry so it’s not quite as rampant as it appears now. It’s a great ground cover for me here.

    • Thanks. This is a great place to do a lot of my heardening off–you can see my tiny tomato seedlings just in the corner of the shot. Once all this goes outside I grow succulents out here all summer–lots of sun and they stay protected from too much rain. We love our sunporch. My husband calls it his “summer white house” and I call it the world’s largest cold frame!

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